Sustainability is guaranteed because the social piloting that will take place in this project has the aim of accelerating and enriching the process of change that is already under way in the public social services system in Castilla y León region, thanks to the creation of the Protection Network for Families Affected by the Economic Crisis.

Red de Protección a las FamiliasThe PACT project transcends the Protection Network, because the Network aims at establishing a new organisational model among the actors involved in the fight against poverty and social exclusion in Castilla y León.

However, the Protection Network is of value since it provides a stable framework that will support and give continuity to the objectives of this project, and will help to ensure the sustainability of the innovation activity in the field of social services that the project will implement.

The project results will be used to reassess the social policy of Castilla y León in the fight against poverty and social exclusion as well as to target, define, modify and implement, in its global dimension, the new model, within the scope of the Protection Network.

The expected outcomes of the project are going to allow the system to have a more precise knowledge about social exclusion situations, their causes, needs, agents involved, advantages and strengths of the new model, weaknesses that must be corrected and methodology applied. They will be incorporated into the Network set of products and tools and consequently into the public social service system of Castilla y León.

Therefore, the Protection Network becomes the strategy of implementation, in the long term, of the social innovation process in the social services system of Castilla y León.



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