The Case Plan as the axis of PACT intervention

The Case Plan as the axis of PACT intervention

At present, PACT participants and professionals are concluding Design phase. During this period, each participant, along with his Case Coordinator, elaborated a Case Plan for the intervention.

This Case Plan determines the more appropriate social intervention after a joint analysis of each participant ‘situation. This analysis focuses on their strengths, leverage points, desires of change and improvement.

Once the Case Plan is elaborated, it has to be shared with the Professional of Reference, as it is him who verifies that the intervention foreseen in the Plan is in line with the rest of actions that are currently being carried out with the participant, promoting necessary adjustments and activating new resources (if necessary).


Case plan drawing


Case Plan content:

  • Factors that can be intervened on (taken into account by the MDTSE)
  • Possible strategies
  • Future actions to follow: concrete and viable in the short-term
  • Timing
  • Actors who intervene
  • Indicators that verify the results obtained
  • Necessary supports: professionals, environment, etc.
  • Monitoring: accompaniment

In a parallel way, Case Coordinators have met with Support Team members in order to share the strategies planned in their Case Plan. This means an important good practises exchange that prompts out the networking between social public and third sector professionals, using the Resources Map as a reference.


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