Professionals from Social Services

The PACT project is also addressed to the organisations and professionals of the social services system of Castilla y León.

The implementation of the organisational (partnership-Network), methodological (Model of Intervention: case handler) and technological changes (segmentation) across the four areas, will affect the organisations and professionals in the following way:

  • The organisations will no longer work in isolation but will have integrated their resources and their work will become complementary and synergetic due to shared protocols.
  • The user information will be shared in a common platform (SAUSS).
  • Professionals belonging to the Network will share a multidimensional exclusion diagnosis tool and participate jointly in the design of intervention plans.
  • The resources will be better dimensioned to respond to the demands of citizens, adapted to the nature of the raised needs and the intensity of the demand.
  • The Network will act proactively locating cases requiring priority and/or preventive attention.


The use of these tools and the care model by organisations that are integrated into the strategic alliance in a specific area will represent an organisational change of culture in social services through a collaborative model that is expected to function more effectively and efficiently. This change towards efficiency occurs thanks to the synergies coming from focusing on a common vision and mission, sharing values and creating a common language.

The recognition of the benefits of the collaborative model and the critical elements that make it effective and efficient will be essential for its subsequent replication in other contexts after PACT has concluded.


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