Gerencia de Servicios Sociales

Gerencia de Servicios Sociales


Gerencia de Servicios Sociales (Social Services Management) in Castilla y León is an autonomous organism that belongs to Family and Equal Opportunities Office in Junta de Castilla y León (Regional Government).
Its responsibility is the design, planning and management of social services in Castilla y León.
This organism promotes the support and attention to families, develops prevention programmes and stimulates the combination between health and social aspects from all those who suffer dependence and social exclusion.

Main characteristics:

  • Complete, coordinated, jointed and coherent regional planning that includes the regional administration itself, local public administration and private organisations.
  • A fully management of resources and an unified information system that guarantees the access to the social services system, the coordination of cases and an unique social history.



The leaders of the project and provide strategic planning. Responsibilities:

  • Project coordinator, responsible for the relationships with the European Commission.
  • Responsible for WP1 (includes the Quality Plan and Independent Evaluation Plan), WP2, WP3, WP4. It intervenes in the remaining work packages to participate in the implementation of the pilots, the evaluation and dissemination.


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