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The PACT project Final Conference

The PACT project Final Conference will be held on October, 8th 2018 in Valladolid (venue: Centro de Soluciones Empresariales located in Calle Jacinto Benavente, 2, 47195, Arroyo de la Encomienda). The main purpose of the event is to present the results of the experimentation and the progresses made in the system when fighting the exclusion …


PACT project workshop in Budapest

Last 29th of August of 2018 a PACT project delegation travelled to Budapest in order to hold the first workshop. These events are foreseen at the beginning of the project in order to make the first available results public, once the experimentation phase of this new model of care in Castilla y León has come …


PACT policy officer visits the project.

K. Somody, PACT project policy officer and contact person in the European Commission, travelled to Castilla y León to track the progresses in the last month of pilot. She had the chance to get to know directly the professionals that have been involved in this experimentation, from both the public Administration and Third Sector entities. …


PACT project at the 26th European Social Services Conference

“Invest, Innovate and Transform” is the title of the 26th European Social Services Conference organised by the European Social Network in Sevilla on 28th, 29th and 30th of May. The Conference had a great attendance: more than 560 participants belonging to more than 30 different countries, both European and international.   PACT project was one …


European PACT project Professional Conference Report

PACT project professional Conference took place the last 10th of April 2018 at the Conference Hall “Edificio Usos Múltiples II”, located in the city of Valladolid. The event, with 244 registrations (its maximum capacity), was finally carried out in front of 235 attendees, of which 17 were speakers and staff in charge of the organization. …


The Case Plan as the axis of PACT intervention

At present, PACT participants and professionals are concluding Design phase. During this period, each participant, along with his Case Coordinator, elaborated a Case Plan for the intervention. This Case Plan determines the more appropriate social intervention after a joint analysis of each participant ‘situation. This analysis focuses on their strengths, leverage points, desires of change …


PACT representatives assisted to the INSPIRE project final conference that took place in the city of Rome.

The last 13th of December, PACT representatives assisted to the INSPIRE project final conference that took place in the city of Rome. The INPIRE is an initiative of social innovation that, as PACT project, is co-funded by European funds (EaSI 2014-2020 call). Its main objective is the reform of both Social and Health Systems in …


Design phase monitoring

During the month of November, several Pilot team meetings have been scheduled in order to analyse the first results of the Design phase. The attendance: WP2 (public-private partnership), WP3 (model of intervention), WP 5 (Pilots) and WP6 (evaluation) coordinators and professionals from both Support and Pilot Teams. The issues addressed: Clarifications about the process of …


Participants and Pilot Teams get prepared for the case plan elaboration

During the month of September, four working sessions have been organized with León, Salamanca, Valladolid and Valladolid province work teams. The point of these meetings was to analyse the project evolution, from the Discover phase to the Dream phase. In the Discover phase, Case Managers, along with the participants and the Support Team, have stablished …


First results of the beginning of pilot phase

During the month of June, four meeting in the different territories of the project have been carried out. The objective was to determine the first results obtained in the first phase of the pilots. The attendees were Support and Pilot Teams members, the evaluation WP and the coordination of the project.   Contents of the …

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